About Us

In 2001 Phil Hein decided he needed to do something different on the farm to help generate an income.  That's when the idea of a corn maze came to be.  We are a family owned and operated business.  We design, cut and run the maze as a family.  Every year we concentrate on adding new things to the maze to improve your experiance at our farm.  Phil and Kerri both work off the farm as well as raising their young family, so time is always a premium.  


Every year a new message is cut into the maze.  We get our ideas from current events in the news.  2001 was the year of the world games so our message read "Welcome to Canada" 2002 we tried something different and had objects such as vegetable hidden in the maze for visitors to discover. 2003 brought the BSE scare, so our maze was in support of the BSE victims and read "Alberta Beef" 2004 brought the birth of our daughter.  She is the fifth generation born to the Hein family to live on the current farmstead.  The maze read "5th Generation".  "Centennial 2005" celebrated Canada 100th Birthday in 2005. 2006 read "Reach for the Stars" with a large star right in the middle & "Proud to be Canadian" was our message in 2007.  Celebrating the summer olympics in 2008 our message was "Faster Higher Stronger" the olympic moto and had the olympic rings cut into the corn.  Last year we dedicated our maze to the vanishing icons of the Aberta prairies and wrote "Leduc's Grain Elevator - built in 1978"  This year the clue is "a major sporting event".  To discover what it says, come and challange the maze to decode the message in the 7ft+ high corn field.




Frequently Asked Questions


How big is the maze?

The maze is cut into an 11 acre corn field.


How long does it take to get through the maze?

It generally takes people an average of 1 hour to 1.5 hours to walk the maze and solve the message.


Will I get lost?

While everyone does get a little bit lost, we have designed to maze to be an interactive activity.  A message is written in the maze and the object is to walk through the paths and figure out what it says.  We send a list of questions along with you and when you reach 10 marked points you answer the question and if you answer correctly it will help guide you in the right direction.


Can we eat the the corn? / Do you sell the corn?

No, the corn is a cattle corn and therefore not intended for human consumption.  The plant concentrates on growing tall as opposed to developing the cob.  The cobs themselves are bitter and chalky tasting


How do you make the maze?

We plant the whole field in the spring and when the corn in approximately 12  inches in height we go in with a map and cut the maze with the riding lawn mower.


What age of people is the maze appropriate for?

All ages enjoy the maze if you enjoy going for walks.  The game is an added bonus


Is the maze wheel chair accessible?

It is semi-accessible.  The paths are hard packed dirt, so if there has been a lot of rain they become muddy and navigating a wheel chair through out can become difficult.


Can we bring our pet?

Yes, as long as they are kept on a leash as we have several other animals on the farm, and as long as you clean up after them.